Monday, December 15, 2008

Nursery Pictures - Yay!

Here's some pictures of the nursery finally... click here to see the rest. I've now just got to wash clothes and we've got to finish staining the dresser and organize a few things. Other than that, I think we are ready to go :)

And here's me at 36 weeks - ooh my goodness!!! And another one of Talladega- we let him sniff and play with Austin's toys so he will get used to them. He thought it would be fun to try and suck on the pacifier, but learned quickly they were not his.

We are almost done with Christmas shopping. I think that's all that's going on right now :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

36 Week appointment

I just posted a post that I wrote before thanksgiving, but accidentally saved but didn't post... it'll pretty much bring you up to date.

Thanksgiving was fun, it was great to see our family! Rob's dad didn't get to come last minute, so he's going to try and come for Christmas! I am finished with school for the semester and I got 2 A's again, yay!! I'll be taking off the spring for when Austin arrives, but then going back in the summer. Rob got on show call for the Nutcracker, so he's has work every single day the past few weeks- which is awesome!!! We've got all the baby's things put together, still haven't taken pictures, but i will this weekend - now I have sooo much more time that school is finished and now that we've finished with all the projects with the house (well, for awhile at least :)). We aren't getting a tree for Christmas this year, but we are putting up the nativity scene and a few other things - we didn't want to put up too much since we don't know when baby stafford is arriving.

On the baby front, I haven't been sleeping very well, waking up every hour, my back is hurting very very badly and I have to pee every hour! Thank goodness my sweet husband is getting me a massage for my 25 bday next week- yay!!!! We had our 36 week appointment today, and it went well, except I've now gained almost 30 pounds --- but i blame it on eating alot and drinking alot this morning :) ... ooh well! He's still measuring early, but they couldn't tell me anything today about when they think he might arrive.. booo. Pretty much, he'll come when he wants to :) My family and friends at work are guessing between Christmas and New Years -- but I'm trying not to get my hopes up incase it's longer than that!

Here are a few pictures from the shower. go to if you want to see the rest on our website. I'll get Rob to take a picture tomorrow of me at 36 weeks and will take pictures of the room. Ooh, and I have to put on of Liam of course :) he's getting so big!!