Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bye bye!!

Austin's first word was bye bye... he's been babbling for awhile now, but he is now saying bye bye while waving bye bye. he think's it's the greatest :) I have a sinus infection, boo. We all keep getting sick and passing it around! We went to Dallas this past weekend to visit Rob's family and had a great time seeing everyone. Austin loved seeing his cousins charlee and taylor :) And Austin did soooo good on the plane!! He didn't even cry. Everyone was talking and playing with him. ON the way there he slept 3/4 of the way and then woke up smiling. The two ladies next to me took him and played with him the rest of the time, and oooh, he just loved it!!! On the way back he slept the whole time. But, funny story - we were seated waiting to take off and it was nighttime so the plane was silent. Austin was still awake and turned looking at the seats behind us. All of a sudden he did his loud laugh --- lol, you know what i'm talking ab if you've heard it!! the whole plane turned around and laughed at him and he just cracked up. He was so happy because the lady behind us was playing peek-a-boo with him! When austin saw his grandmama (rob's mom!) for the first time, he just waved at her and smiled :) it was cute! We really enjoyed seeing everyone and hate that it was such a quick trip. Rob and his dad and my uncle dan went to the football game - rob said he had an amazing time!!!

Austin is now getting adventerous and trying to stand up on his own without furniture - lol, but he's not doing so good at it! He just turns in circles!! And he now loves letting go of the furniture and standing on his own. he doesn't really know what to do yet, it's fun to watch. He tried clapping, but then fell down. And we bought him these neat drum music toy and he LOVES playing on the drum, banging the tambourine and maraccas. He's our music baby :) ooh, and he now conducts - a little baby conducts on his videos, and now he conducts. he takes his drumstick and starts waving it around, i love it! And I'm so excited because Austin can now put the basketball into the goal on his own!!! yay -my basketball star (hmmm, you wonder what sport I want to play with him even though everyone else says football!).

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 month stats

Height - 28 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Weight - 23.115 oz. (90th percentile)

Big Boy! But he's gone down in percentile, but steadily growing! The doctor said his iron level looks great and that he's a very strong boy!!! He got a flu shot today and he just babbled at her when she poked him on the foot. He got the look like --- should I cry or not?!? --- but then laughed instead! crisis diverged :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9 months!!

I can't believe our baby is 9 months old!!! He has his check-up on Friday, I'm very anxious to see how big he has gotten, he seems to have gotten so tall!!

He just started babbling more, instead of making noises - he's now saying babababa, lol, no mama or dada, just babbaba. it's really cute...thanks grandma! then he tries to copy any noise you make. And just last night Austin let go of my chair and stood on his own for 5-10 seconds! Slow down little boy!

Rob's work is a little bit slower for the month of october, he's trying to rest becuase it will be full force november and december; so, it's been great getting to spend more time together and have a normal family night with both of us home (except the nights i'm in school :().

We went camping last weekend - Austin's first camping trip! We went up to Dahlonega and had a great time!!! But, about 1030 that evening, it got soooo cold and austin's nose had been running all day and his little ears were freezing, so we packed up like mad-men and went home, so that he wouldn't get sick. We still had a great time though, very relaxing! Even Tally did good, he had a blast!!!

I finally posted videos of Austin from 6, 7 and 8 months. Might be boring for everyone else, but we love catching one of the first time he stands and crawls and sings... he's funny! Go to the links below to see:

Austin 6 Months

Austin 7-8 Months Part 1

Austin 7-8 Months Part 2