Monday, December 14, 2009

Love the Holidays!!

Well, the stockings are hung and Austin is snug in his bed... well, actually our bed right now, soon to be his crib! Austin and I have gotten the tree and decorated the house! I don't remember if I already told about this, but I'll tell you again. We got a cute little tree that we will plant for Austin's first Christmas!! We have a yummy smelling Christmas candle in the house :) Grandma got Austin a little people nativity scene and he loves playing with it! All the presents are wrapped, and unwrapped, and wrapped again... thank you Austin! And I've even wrapped Austin's 1st birthday presents, so sad and happy to think about! He's having a little curious George party, I'm so excited!

Austin's not only walking, he's running practically! Everywhere!! he looks like a little sumo wrestler when he walks, it's so cute to watch! And he's such a sweet baby, but his little stubborn side is starting to come out, guess you can blame both me and rob for that one! he sure knows what he wants, when he wants! Austin has seen santa claus at the mall and he didn't even cry! He's had another double ear infection since the last post, poor baby! He's such a trooper. 10 days ago I just found out he weighed 26.6 lbs and today he weighed 26.11 lbs. phew! He's been sleeping alot and now looks taller, I think he had a little growth spurt! He's babbling like crazy, and saying more words like baby, uh-oh and other cute B works. dada is aahaah right now, can't quite get the D! He knows a duck says "quack quack" and a dog goes "pant,pant" (he copies tally's panting noise), and today he learned a sheep goes "baaa." Everyday is a new day!

I'm finally finished with school for the semester, so ready for the break!!! Only 3 classes to go, yay!!! Austin will be spending his first night away from mommy and daddy on new years, grandma is going to stay with him, yay! Rob and I are staying at a marriott hotel downtown, we are so excited!! I feel like there's a million things i want to do during these few weeks of break.

Time for bed, hope everyone is having a great holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Christmastime!!

We got the Christmas tree last weekend, we went and got a baby tree that is about 4 feet tall that can be planted into the year after Christmas! We did this to celebrate Austin's first Christmas, and we can watch the tree grow with him throughout the years!!

Austin now has 5 teeth and is teething his 6th toothy! It's still busy busy busy, I don't know what I was thinking, trying to go to school, work full time, be a full time mommy and wife and Rob working all the time! Thank goodness for my parents, we couldn't do this without them!!

Austin is big time walking, he's so cute. He is very meticulous, taking one slow step at a time. OR, he tries to run run run and falls over!It's really fun to watch him change. He also can throw a ball, and boy, does he have quite the arm :) And his new word is "uh-oh" whenever he drops anything or falls! Still no dada, working on this.

We've been traveling, been to Aiken, SC for my cousin's baby shower, she's having a little boy soon, almost a year apart from Austin! Rob and I really want them to grow up together, he will be the closest cousin to Austin :) Then, for thanksgiving we ran to charlotte and back...literally! Rob had to work the next day and I had to study for finals :(

We are soooo excited for Austin's first Christmas, he has jammies and cute little outfits. And grandma gave him a little people nativity scene. And we've finished our Christmas shopping, and are going to decorate in the next few days.Then, after Christmas our family is going on a cruise, yay!!!!!

Happy Hoidays and Merry Christmas. I can't believe Austin will be 11 months old on Sunday, goodness!