Monday, December 14, 2009

Love the Holidays!!

Well, the stockings are hung and Austin is snug in his bed... well, actually our bed right now, soon to be his crib! Austin and I have gotten the tree and decorated the house! I don't remember if I already told about this, but I'll tell you again. We got a cute little tree that we will plant for Austin's first Christmas!! We have a yummy smelling Christmas candle in the house :) Grandma got Austin a little people nativity scene and he loves playing with it! All the presents are wrapped, and unwrapped, and wrapped again... thank you Austin! And I've even wrapped Austin's 1st birthday presents, so sad and happy to think about! He's having a little curious George party, I'm so excited!

Austin's not only walking, he's running practically! Everywhere!! he looks like a little sumo wrestler when he walks, it's so cute to watch! And he's such a sweet baby, but his little stubborn side is starting to come out, guess you can blame both me and rob for that one! he sure knows what he wants, when he wants! Austin has seen santa claus at the mall and he didn't even cry! He's had another double ear infection since the last post, poor baby! He's such a trooper. 10 days ago I just found out he weighed 26.6 lbs and today he weighed 26.11 lbs. phew! He's been sleeping alot and now looks taller, I think he had a little growth spurt! He's babbling like crazy, and saying more words like baby, uh-oh and other cute B works. dada is aahaah right now, can't quite get the D! He knows a duck says "quack quack" and a dog goes "pant,pant" (he copies tally's panting noise), and today he learned a sheep goes "baaa." Everyday is a new day!

I'm finally finished with school for the semester, so ready for the break!!! Only 3 classes to go, yay!!! Austin will be spending his first night away from mommy and daddy on new years, grandma is going to stay with him, yay! Rob and I are staying at a marriott hotel downtown, we are so excited!! I feel like there's a million things i want to do during these few weeks of break.

Time for bed, hope everyone is having a great holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Christmastime!!

We got the Christmas tree last weekend, we went and got a baby tree that is about 4 feet tall that can be planted into the year after Christmas! We did this to celebrate Austin's first Christmas, and we can watch the tree grow with him throughout the years!!

Austin now has 5 teeth and is teething his 6th toothy! It's still busy busy busy, I don't know what I was thinking, trying to go to school, work full time, be a full time mommy and wife and Rob working all the time! Thank goodness for my parents, we couldn't do this without them!!

Austin is big time walking, he's so cute. He is very meticulous, taking one slow step at a time. OR, he tries to run run run and falls over!It's really fun to watch him change. He also can throw a ball, and boy, does he have quite the arm :) And his new word is "uh-oh" whenever he drops anything or falls! Still no dada, working on this.

We've been traveling, been to Aiken, SC for my cousin's baby shower, she's having a little boy soon, almost a year apart from Austin! Rob and I really want them to grow up together, he will be the closest cousin to Austin :) Then, for thanksgiving we ran to charlotte and back...literally! Rob had to work the next day and I had to study for finals :(

We are soooo excited for Austin's first Christmas, he has jammies and cute little outfits. And grandma gave him a little people nativity scene. And we've finished our Christmas shopping, and are going to decorate in the next few days.Then, after Christmas our family is going on a cruise, yay!!!!!

Happy Hoidays and Merry Christmas. I can't believe Austin will be 11 months old on Sunday, goodness!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy weekend and First Steps!!

Well, we've been having a relaxing weekend around here while daddy is at work. Getting caught up of stuff around the house, playing and napping :)Austin had to go to the doctor yesterday for his 2nd round of a flu shot and checkup on his ear - no more infection! And, he's grown 1 1/2 pounds and 1 inch in just a month... we knew he'd been going through a growth spurt but boy! He's now 25.6 lbs and 29 3/4 inches!

We had a great halloween last weekend, Austin was a skeleton with green hair! Sooo cute, here are some pictures of it! Also, Austin took his first steps on halloween, yay! big boy :) I was laying in the critter cage (as my dad calls his pen!) playing, and Austin pushed off me and took 3 steps toward a ball, then fell. It was so cute! And my dad just happened to be filming the whole thing, we had been playing around with the video camera- how often do you really get your baby's first steps on film?!? and that was good bc Rob was working. Ever since halloween, Austin has been standing up and taking a few steps at a time. At toys r us today he pushed off the bookshelf and took like 6-7 steps, very slowly and very carefully...we are going to have a thinker baby :)

Austin is now saying mama.. he knows i am momma, but he doesn't know that is what he's babbling yet. it's cute though, rob is mad :) we had a bet on if he'd say momma or dada first!! mommy wins :)

And Austin has been having the best time at preeschool. The other day the teacher asked if we read to him, and my mom was like, well of course we do, he loves books. and the teacher said that he loved to go over to the books and pick them up and open them and look thru them like he's reading -- my smart baby :)

This is all, I think I am going to call it an early night -- austin is starting to sleep better (fingers crossed!), hopefully this will continue.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bye bye!!

Austin's first word was bye bye... he's been babbling for awhile now, but he is now saying bye bye while waving bye bye. he think's it's the greatest :) I have a sinus infection, boo. We all keep getting sick and passing it around! We went to Dallas this past weekend to visit Rob's family and had a great time seeing everyone. Austin loved seeing his cousins charlee and taylor :) And Austin did soooo good on the plane!! He didn't even cry. Everyone was talking and playing with him. ON the way there he slept 3/4 of the way and then woke up smiling. The two ladies next to me took him and played with him the rest of the time, and oooh, he just loved it!!! On the way back he slept the whole time. But, funny story - we were seated waiting to take off and it was nighttime so the plane was silent. Austin was still awake and turned looking at the seats behind us. All of a sudden he did his loud laugh --- lol, you know what i'm talking ab if you've heard it!! the whole plane turned around and laughed at him and he just cracked up. He was so happy because the lady behind us was playing peek-a-boo with him! When austin saw his grandmama (rob's mom!) for the first time, he just waved at her and smiled :) it was cute! We really enjoyed seeing everyone and hate that it was such a quick trip. Rob and his dad and my uncle dan went to the football game - rob said he had an amazing time!!!

Austin is now getting adventerous and trying to stand up on his own without furniture - lol, but he's not doing so good at it! He just turns in circles!! And he now loves letting go of the furniture and standing on his own. he doesn't really know what to do yet, it's fun to watch. He tried clapping, but then fell down. And we bought him these neat drum music toy and he LOVES playing on the drum, banging the tambourine and maraccas. He's our music baby :) ooh, and he now conducts - a little baby conducts on his videos, and now he conducts. he takes his drumstick and starts waving it around, i love it! And I'm so excited because Austin can now put the basketball into the goal on his own!!! yay -my basketball star (hmmm, you wonder what sport I want to play with him even though everyone else says football!).

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 month stats

Height - 28 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Weight - 23.115 oz. (90th percentile)

Big Boy! But he's gone down in percentile, but steadily growing! The doctor said his iron level looks great and that he's a very strong boy!!! He got a flu shot today and he just babbled at her when she poked him on the foot. He got the look like --- should I cry or not?!? --- but then laughed instead! crisis diverged :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9 months!!

I can't believe our baby is 9 months old!!! He has his check-up on Friday, I'm very anxious to see how big he has gotten, he seems to have gotten so tall!!

He just started babbling more, instead of making noises - he's now saying babababa, lol, no mama or dada, just babbaba. it's really cute...thanks grandma! then he tries to copy any noise you make. And just last night Austin let go of my chair and stood on his own for 5-10 seconds! Slow down little boy!

Rob's work is a little bit slower for the month of october, he's trying to rest becuase it will be full force november and december; so, it's been great getting to spend more time together and have a normal family night with both of us home (except the nights i'm in school :().

We went camping last weekend - Austin's first camping trip! We went up to Dahlonega and had a great time!!! But, about 1030 that evening, it got soooo cold and austin's nose had been running all day and his little ears were freezing, so we packed up like mad-men and went home, so that he wouldn't get sick. We still had a great time though, very relaxing! Even Tally did good, he had a blast!!!

I finally posted videos of Austin from 6, 7 and 8 months. Might be boring for everyone else, but we love catching one of the first time he stands and crawls and sings... he's funny! Go to the links below to see:

Austin 6 Months

Austin 7-8 Months Part 1

Austin 7-8 Months Part 2

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Austin's First day of preeschool, how could I forget!!

I almost forgot the most important part! Austin started preeschool a few weeks ago and absolutly LOVES it!! There's two other little boys in his class and they have so much fun. He goes two days a week - it's a great break for mom and rob. and he LOVES being around other babies and other people! The picture above is from his first day with his teacher!!

wow, it's been a long time!

Check out all the new pictures and see how much Austin has grown!!
I didn't realize it's been over two months since I've updated! So sorry! .... first off, since I've last updated, not only is Austin fully in 12 months clothes, he's almost outgrown those and is wearing his 18 months fall clothes. Well, Austin is already 8 1/2 months old. He started crawling right at 8 months. we didn't think he would crawl, because he's been standing up on his own for a little while now and is now walking with the furniture, but had no interest in crawling. Then, all of a sudden, after having carpet burn face for a few days, he started crawling! And not only is he crawling, he's a mess - I turn my back for just a second the other day, and he's halfway up the stairs, trying to get to daddy in the kitchen!

He's also waving hello,byebye... pretty much anytime you walk in or out of a room he waves. And he points at everything, so we're trying to make sure we name everything. lol, and he shakes his head no when he doesn't want something. and makes a screech noise when he wants more food or drink, since he can't talk. ooh, and he LOVES clapping at everything and LOVES dancing to music! he claps when he hears anyone else clap, it makes him so proud.

He's got two bottom teeth that are so cute, he got those right at 6 months, and now right at 8 months his two top teethies are coming in, and they are so cute too (I'm not biased of course :))He still has wildman hair that sticks straight up - i went back and looked at baby pictures and he def. got the hair from me, haha.

He loves playing with his toys and wacthing his videos. his favorite is to pull up and down on anything. he loves going to stores, so we always run errands when he's awake - he still squawks and smiles at all the people for attention. he's pretty ridiculous! Tally is still doing really good with him, sometimes he tries to play too rough, we have to be really careful. Austin is almost drinking everything out of a cup, he's such a big boy!! We had to get him a big boy carseat this week, and he LOVES being turned around, he just smiles, laughs and sings in the car now!!

It's been pretty busy these past few months - Rob's been working like crazy, i've been working and school started back, and we've all been sick. Austin got sick first, then I caught some sort of flu virus and missed almost a week of work, then Austin got croup cough and an ear infection all in one and got put on alot of medicine, it breaks my heart. But, finally this week we are all finally feeling better and back to normal!

We've also done alot lately. For Rob's bday weekend (he turned the big 35!!!), he actually had saturday and sunday off, so on saturday we spent the day together and took austin to a movie at the fox theatre (which he acutally watched almost an hour of, can you believe it!), then ate at joe's crabshack and spent the evening together as a family --- we don't get much time with all three of us together with his work scheudle and my school schedule, so we enjoy every moment we get! Sunday our whole family went to dave and busters to celebrate jer's and robs bdays, and we ended up having a blast!! Labor day weekend rob ending up also having off saturday and sunday, so on saturday we took Austin to the zoo - Austin loved the birds, the silveback monkey and the pandas! Sunday we took Austin to the children's museum here in atlanta -- it was alright, but the one in chattanooga is way better. He may like it more when he gets a little bit bigger. We've now also taken Austin to chuckecheese, which he liked, of course! It's not as fun as it used to be when we were little. Austin also loves going to the park and playing. well, really he likes watching the other kids more than anything!!! Then a few weekends ago Kerrie got married at the beach in Florida so we went down (I was in the wedding) and Austin got to see the beach for the first time! We didnt get to play becuase it rained all wekeend, we just ran out of the car and took pictures real quickly. It was a beautiful wedding but a miserable trip because that was when the croup cough and ear infection was going on and Austin was sick, but such a trooper! And he did so well for such a long trip.

I think I've caught up on the highlights of the past month or so. I'll try and update more. I'll post a link next week when I get video of him crawling up!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sick weekend

well, rob was sick during the week and just got me sick, yuck. So far Austin is not sick, hopefully he won't be! Austin and I have just been hanging out this weekend around the house while daddy is working. Of course the day Ellen leaves Rob ends up working til midnight 3 nights in a row, lol!!! We had such a great time with our Aunt Ellen visiting, taking care of Austin. Austin had a blast!!!! They played and played, and she ready to him and played with bubbles -- she's getting prepared to be a grandma soon :) And i loved having someone around to talk to, especially since my momma is out of town! Austin and I went to a Gymboree class for free yesterday and it was really cool. They sang and danced and played and Austin got to play with others kids and play on the equipment. I think we might join the playgroup, it's really neat - he'd get to go two times a week to classes and then to any open gym during the week and play on the equipment - which I think will save mom and dad once he's crawling, to help get his bundle of energy out!! Ellen took him to a different gym place on Friday, but we didn't really like it, it was really different than the one I took him to on Saturday. well, i'm done with another semester of school!!!! Only three more semesters to go!

Gotta go play with the kiddo, just wanted to send a quick update and let you know we FINALLY posted videos on youtube, check them out!!!!! And we uploaded a few more pics of the past week and Austin visiting his great-grandmomma with Ellen!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Austin's 6 month Stats:

Weight: 20.15 lbs (4 months - 18.5 lbs)- 95%
Height: 28 1/4 inches (4 months - 26 in) - 95%
Head: 44 cm (4 months - 43 cm) - 50% (yay, his head is finally proportionate to his body :)

Austin and I had a great weekend! Rob had to work, so it was just the two of us. Ooh, Rob did get off early Friday and we bought a new sofa that was delivered this morning, yay!!! we've been looking for quite some time, but didn't take the plunge until now. It's amazing!!!!!! On Saturday, Austin and I ran errands allll day - we met auntie jenn at ikea for lunch and to look around - too bad everything in the kids section looks like it'll break! Then we went to wal-mart and toysrus and then went and hung out at uncle jerjer's for a little while. Today, we've played and played and I've actually gotten alot done during his nap times (which he's taking right now!).

Hope everyone has a great week :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 6 months old, Austin!

I can't believe Austin turned 6 months old on Monday!! He's officially out of his 6 months clothes and trucked onto 12 month clothes - he doesn't seem to stop growing!! Austin's first little toothies is starting to show thru his gum - grandmom and grandpa go to Australia for a month, and bam, Austin grows teethies!! Mom and Dad are having a blast, just got pictures of them with Liam - he is too cute! JP is now going over there for a few weeks, Bill and them are going to have such a good time -- maybe in a few years for us :) Austin's tooth is really bothering him, he has been quite cranky off and on this past week - poor little guy, we feel so bad for him. Austin's hair is very light blonde, thick, fuzzy, with long pieces of hair sticking up on the top of his head! Rob wants to cut those hairs, but i won't let him!

We had the BEST fourth of July weekend EVER! The Stafford family went on our first little vacation, we went to Chatanooga, TN. I had enough Marriott points that we didn't have to pay for the hotel, and chatanooga is a short 2 hour drive away. On Friday we went to Ruby Falls, did a horse and buggy ride, walked around the city and river. Then on Saturday we went to the Discovery Museum for kids. We thought we might spend 30 minutes or so there and didn't think Austin would really care - but he had the best time! I've never seen him so happy and so into everything. We were there for 2 hours!!! The second we left and put him back in his stroller he knocked out. Then we went back there again for 30 more minutes after lunch to get his face painted and be in a curious george parade. We then went to the chatanooga choochoo, and austin got to look at trains, and ride a trolly. We also got an old time photo done of him, it's sooo cute!I'll have to take a picture of it and post it. Go HERE to look at the pics from our vacation!!! Check out Austin - he's soooo cute and our smart little baby :) (lol, now I see why everyone says that ab their child!).

We had the best time with our little family and really enjoyed watching Austin interact and have such an amazing time. He was def. worn out on sunday tho, he slept almost all day and slept in until 1030 am!!

Well, mom and dad are gone until August 1. My aunt Ellen is here for two weeks to help out while i'm at school. We love having her around and Austin is really enjoying her. Austin had a bad past few days, on top of teething he got backed up and his little tummy was hurting. He finally pooped yesterday and has been back to his old self ever since (I know ya'll all wanted to know this :)). Austin and Ellen visited Grandmomma yesterday and they had a great time! Austin, Rob and Ellen went to the petting zoo today, but Austin was scared of the animals this time lol!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his 6 month check-up. I'll post his stats!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Late Fathers Day...

...To Rob, my dad and Rob's dad! We have such great father's and Rob has turned into not only the best husband but also the best daddy EVER :) Austin lights up everytime Rob gets home from work. So, thanks to Rob for being so great with Austin. Rob always pitches in, I duno what I'd do without him :)

On Father's Day, Austin gave Rob the cutest card:)But then Rob had to go to work, Rob has been working day in and day out, which is great, but we are starting to miss him! So, we did Father's day later - our whole family went to a braves game the other night! And Rob and I climbed stone mountain (well, a third of it, Austin was a little too heavy to carry the whole way and it got a little hot) and we went swimming and just spent some time together!).

Well, it's hard to find time to write with work and school. Only one more year left of school though, yay! We did Austin's stats at 5 months, but they didn't really seem to change but a pound and maybe an inch or so, we aren't sure. His 6 month check-up is soon, so I'll update you soon. I can't believe he's almost 6 months!

We'll, to see what all we have been up to, check out our pictures!

Mom and I took Austin to the petting zoo, the Yellow River Game Ranch - which he LOVED!!! I can't believe how into it he was- he loved feeding, petting and looking at the animals :) Austin lasted a full hour before he fell asleep on my shoulder peacefully.

Austin's new favorite thing to do is to sing and to hum, it's the cutest EVER. He loves all type of music, will sing with you in the car, will hum with you when he's trying to go to sleep, will sing with Grandpa when he plays the piano. He loves it! He also loves to sit up and play with his toys now. Such a big boy :) He's got a cute little basketball goal and a piano music thingy that he likes. He also loves books... well, pretty much any toy! And any toy that he can put into his mouth!

Austin totally knows his name now, and knows mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa. I'll say, Austin, Daddy is coming home from work, and Austin will look at the door- my heart melts :) he's also sitting up in the bathtub and loves swimming in the pool, he's starting to kick in the pool and splash his arms - I'll try and video it soon.

With food - He is now eating two meals a day - fruits at lunch (he has tried applesauce, pears, bananas, and peaches) and veggies at supper (he has tried green beans,sweet potatoes and carrots). He loves trying to drink water out of his cup. He also loves fruit in this little net thingy, he can suck the juice out of any type of fruit- yumm! And, in just a few short days he has learned how to pick up crackers (vanilla wafers, cheerios, etc.) and put them into his mouth - a great past time for him now! He still takes a bottle during the day and nurses at night and early in the morning, but it's def. slowing down.

Well, my parents leave in just 3 days for Australia for a month. We are SO excited for them but a little sad :( But it'll go by quickly and they will be back in no time. Who knows, when they come back, maybe Austin will be crawling and his teethies will have come in (we spotted the two bottom ones just barely pushing thru the gums today, it'll be anyway - which i'm slightly sad, that means he's not a baby baby anymore). And we are very grateful to the people helping out and watching Austin while my parents are gone!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

Austin is now 4 1/2 months, but i haven't posted his 4 month stats...
weight:18.5 lbs (95th percentile)
height: 26 inches (90th percentile)
head: 43 cm (75th percentile)

big boy :) He still hasn't quite rolled over yet, but he sat up on his own this past weekend by himself! The doctor said he's very strong for his age!!! (just big, which is why he's having a hard time rolling over lol).

He started rice cereal two weeks ago, and has done great with it! Opens his mouth and everything. But, he's got quite the mind of his own, he'll push that spoon away when he's done! And, he's def. going to be left-handed, he's holding everything with his left hand, including the spoon. We try to put toys in his right hand and he immediately puts them in his left hand (I'm left-handed). That's kinda cool. We took him swimming when I stayed at the marriott hotel in Charlotte, NC for work, and he loved it! He's started squeeling and squaking really loudly, loving the sound of his voice. and we got a video of him laughing, that's our favorite - he laughs so loud! He smiles at everyone and sqwaks - the ladies at work always say he's flirting with them, showing off his little dimple! He's loving his exersauser and has started actually interacting with his toys in the past week. And, he loves baby videos, esp. the ones with babies and music. he talks to the babies on the screen; then, last night when i was reading a book to him with pictures of babies in it, he took his hand and started rubbing his hand over the pictures of the babies, trying to interact with them. We've taken lots of video lately - swimming, swinging, laughing - i'll try to get them edited and put online this weekend also. I start school back tomorrow, so we're trying to get that all situated with who will watch him while i'm in school (which is from 5-915 twice a week, yuck). rob is working like crazy, so thank goodness for my parents help!!!

I had the most perfect first mother's day!! Austin gave me a beautiful pearl necklace and a cute card :)(yes, daddy did good!)and he was dedicated at church, that was the neatest thing and we are loving the church.

We opened our pool this weekend and had a cookout, we had a pretty good crowd! We didn't let Austin get in. it was still a little cold, but me and rob and chasity and her family got it, yay!!!

Can you tell Austin is our first? Every move he makes excites us :)