Sunday, July 19, 2009

sick weekend

well, rob was sick during the week and just got me sick, yuck. So far Austin is not sick, hopefully he won't be! Austin and I have just been hanging out this weekend around the house while daddy is working. Of course the day Ellen leaves Rob ends up working til midnight 3 nights in a row, lol!!! We had such a great time with our Aunt Ellen visiting, taking care of Austin. Austin had a blast!!!! They played and played, and she ready to him and played with bubbles -- she's getting prepared to be a grandma soon :) And i loved having someone around to talk to, especially since my momma is out of town! Austin and I went to a Gymboree class for free yesterday and it was really cool. They sang and danced and played and Austin got to play with others kids and play on the equipment. I think we might join the playgroup, it's really neat - he'd get to go two times a week to classes and then to any open gym during the week and play on the equipment - which I think will save mom and dad once he's crawling, to help get his bundle of energy out!! Ellen took him to a different gym place on Friday, but we didn't really like it, it was really different than the one I took him to on Saturday. well, i'm done with another semester of school!!!! Only three more semesters to go!

Gotta go play with the kiddo, just wanted to send a quick update and let you know we FINALLY posted videos on youtube, check them out!!!!! And we uploaded a few more pics of the past week and Austin visiting his great-grandmomma with Ellen!

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