Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our First Anniversary!!

Well, Monday, October 20 was our first anniversary, and we had the best anniversary ever! Rob made me my favorite supper, spaghetti and chicken, and we had chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows for dessert – yummm!! We ate one bite of our wedding cake topper, it was yucky, and the camera stopped working so we didn't even get a picture of it. And Bill and Beth gave us wine for the next 7 years to open on each anniversary, so we got to open our first one – that’s a pretty cool present! And we weren’t supposed to buy anything, but he bought me bath stuff so my back won’t hurt as bad – so sweet :) Then, this weekend we went to Gatlinburg to celebrate. We had the best time, even being almost 7 ½ months pregnant! We walked around the town and went to the aquarium, a haunted house, played putt-putt and ate good suppers (thanks mom and dad :)). We got our picture taken where we dressed up in the old time outfits, it’s pretty cool –I’ll try and scan the picture and post it soon. It was really nice to get away, we took a bunch of pictures going across the smoky mountains today. We also took a really long nap yesterday and laid around and watched tv, which is something we never get to do at home!!

I’ve finally taken pictures of the house, so click on the house pic. to go to our website to see them. It turned dark when I was taking the outside pictures, so I’m going to have to go back and take more. And, the camera is officially broken and unusable, so the pics didn’t turn out very well. Boo. We still have the finish the baby’s room and put more pictures and blinds up, but we’ll get to it all one day! Rob’s got off work for a few days until this weekend, so he’s going to start working on organizing the garage and fixing the baby’s room.

Our 28 appointment last week went really good, the doctor didn’t really have anything new to tell me though. I’ve gained 21 lbs., which the doctor said is right on, but it seems like so much! And the baby will be growing so much these next 12 weeks. We now have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks, which I’m not looking forward to! So, our 30 week appt. is on Thursday, but I don’t really think they are going to do anything. My sugar test came back really good and my iron level was good! We had a little scare last week – to make a long story short - on Tuesday night I didn’t feel Austin when I went to sleep and then I didn’t feel him for over 16 hours, so I ran to the doctors and they checked his heart and felt to make sure everything was okay. And he looked great, they said he might have just been turned a weird way and I have been taking too much Tylenol PM and so I haven’t been able to feel him. So I stopped taking the medicine and started feeling him again this weekend.

Rob and I were talking in the car, and we realized baby Austin has taken more trips already than most people ever have, lol – We found out we were pregnant in the middle of May, and since then we went to Texas in May, St. Thomas in June, Florida in July, the Dillard house (mountains) in September, Texas again in September, Gatlinburg in October and we are going to Charleston this next weekend – goodness!!! Soo, after this weekend, no more traveling for us for a very long time. We are exhausted and Austin doesn’t like the changes in pressure and it makes for the longest ride ever! It is making us so tired. And Rob has been such a trooper through all of this, best husband ever.

We had an open house for our condo today, and apparently 5 people came thru. If anyone knows anyone who wants to buy or rent a condo in a great location in Atlanta, let us know!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

26 week update

26 week update….
Sorry, it’s been awhile… I had my 24 week appointment two weeks ago and everything looked good. I had to do that sugar test, but I haven’t heard anything back yet, so we assume everything is okay. I had gained 4 more lbs. in 4 weeks, which is right on track, so I’ve gained 15 total so far!!

I am 26 weeks today, only 14 to go. Kinda exciting and kinda scary. Eli took a picture of me in the studio at work at 24 weeks, that’s the one posted in the gray shirt. And the other pictures are me today at 26 weeks! My mom and I went to motherhood maternity today and bought some long-sleeved shirts that are really cute. Motherhood maternity is like the Learner NY for pregnant people, yay!!!

Rob has been busy working, he was doing Les Mis at the Fox and next week he starts on Wicked. I now want to go see Wicked, thanks to Laura Jean for playing the soundtrack today!!! So while he was working, my mom and I put together the crib and changing table. Once the nursery is complete we will post pictures of it… lol, that might be awhile tho!! The crib is really nice looking – thanks to mom and dad for that. And we got our bedding, mom had bought some when Liam was visiting, and she let us have it – it’s animals, really cute! We’ve registered for extra stuff like window covers and pictures at target that go along with the bedding.

Funny Story ab Tally…
I think we are going to have a problem with Talladega being jealous! When we were putting together the crib, he was on top of us, trying to sit in my lap the whole time. Then he wanted to play under the crib. Then, the next day I heard him barking and whining like crazy, and I thought someone was at the door. But he was in the baby’s room with his paws on the crib, trying to get up in it (which he obviously couldn’t reach bc it’s too high up). So, I picked him up and put him in it so he could see and sniff around and he went crazy – smelling every blanket, digging under the covers, going in circles… after a few minutes of this, he lays on his back like it’s his bed, then he turned over and laid down with his head hanging off the side… it was the cutest ever (I’ve posted a picture of this too). I was worried that he might think it was his now, but I think he got the picture that it’s for the baby, bc he hasn’t gone back into the room since he discovered what was in there – he’s been a good boy!

Rob’s family…
Most of you probably already know, but incase you don’t, Rob’s grandpa passed away last week, so we had to fly to Dallas for the funeral. It was a short, crazy trip, traveling back and forth from Lufkin, to the funeral, and back to Dallas, but we were really glad to go and spend some time with his family, especially his dad. It pretty neat, everyone knew we were pregnant with a boy... we picked the name Austin Thomas because.. well, Austin, we just really liked! And Thomas is named after Rob's middle name, who was named after his grandpa's middle name (the one that just passed). So it's really neat that we will get to remember him through our baby. I really enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time with Angela, I hate being so far apart, she’s the closest thing I have to a sister! Rob got to spend a lot of time with his dad, which was great for both of them. Too bad Dallas and Atlanta are so far apart :(

One day soon I’ll post pictures of our house, just haven’t gotten around to it, sorry! Our anniversary is coming up in just a few weeks – we can’t believe its already been a year (lol, and sometimes we can’t believe only a year!) We are going to Gatlinburg for our anniversary, we are very excited!

Ooh, I was doing my homework the other day and I thought I saw my stomach move when the baby kicked… but then I would sit and watch it for 5 minutes and he wouldn’t move. So of course as soon as I looked away he kicked again… I think he thinks it’s a fun game. So then, this past weekend, Rob had his hand on my belly and he felt it kick for the first time, and he kicked pretty hard – it was really neat!!! Taylor was actually the first one too feel him, though – she was putting her hand on my belly and he kicked for her :) He went crazy on the airplane when we took off and landed – I don’t think he liked it very much and it made me sick – yuck.

We are still looking for a church, we are trying to buckle down and settle on one, we want our family to grow up in a good church family! We will keep you updated on what we find. I’ve also got my 28 week appointment in 2 weeks, and then after that I’ll have appts. Every 2 weeks --- booo. We also have my cousin, Thomas’, wedding in Charleston the last weekend in October, so we have a lot coming up this month! Then no more traveling for us until after the baby is born.

Well, I hope this gets everyone up-to-date (Bethy and Mom!!). And beth- thanks for posting the video, I’ve watched it like 3 times, Liam is so big and cute, I might have cried a little the first time I watched. :)

PS – I’ve also posted a picture from our St. Thomas trip in June, it’s us on the catamaran ride, the best part of the trip other than snorkeling!! – to see more of all of these pictures go to