Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Late Fathers Day...

...To Rob, my dad and Rob's dad! We have such great father's and Rob has turned into not only the best husband but also the best daddy EVER :) Austin lights up everytime Rob gets home from work. So, thanks to Rob for being so great with Austin. Rob always pitches in, I duno what I'd do without him :)

On Father's Day, Austin gave Rob the cutest card:)But then Rob had to go to work, Rob has been working day in and day out, which is great, but we are starting to miss him! So, we did Father's day later - our whole family went to a braves game the other night! And Rob and I climbed stone mountain (well, a third of it, Austin was a little too heavy to carry the whole way and it got a little hot) and we went swimming and just spent some time together!).

Well, it's hard to find time to write with work and school. Only one more year left of school though, yay! We did Austin's stats at 5 months, but they didn't really seem to change but a pound and maybe an inch or so, we aren't sure. His 6 month check-up is soon, so I'll update you soon. I can't believe he's almost 6 months!

We'll, to see what all we have been up to, check out our pictures!

Mom and I took Austin to the petting zoo, the Yellow River Game Ranch - which he LOVED!!! I can't believe how into it he was- he loved feeding, petting and looking at the animals :) Austin lasted a full hour before he fell asleep on my shoulder peacefully.

Austin's new favorite thing to do is to sing and to hum, it's the cutest EVER. He loves all type of music, will sing with you in the car, will hum with you when he's trying to go to sleep, will sing with Grandpa when he plays the piano. He loves it! He also loves to sit up and play with his toys now. Such a big boy :) He's got a cute little basketball goal and a piano music thingy that he likes. He also loves books... well, pretty much any toy! And any toy that he can put into his mouth!

Austin totally knows his name now, and knows mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa. I'll say, Austin, Daddy is coming home from work, and Austin will look at the door- my heart melts :) he's also sitting up in the bathtub and loves swimming in the pool, he's starting to kick in the pool and splash his arms - I'll try and video it soon.

With food - He is now eating two meals a day - fruits at lunch (he has tried applesauce, pears, bananas, and peaches) and veggies at supper (he has tried green beans,sweet potatoes and carrots). He loves trying to drink water out of his cup. He also loves fruit in this little net thingy, he can suck the juice out of any type of fruit- yumm! And, in just a few short days he has learned how to pick up crackers (vanilla wafers, cheerios, etc.) and put them into his mouth - a great past time for him now! He still takes a bottle during the day and nurses at night and early in the morning, but it's def. slowing down.

Well, my parents leave in just 3 days for Australia for a month. We are SO excited for them but a little sad :( But it'll go by quickly and they will be back in no time. Who knows, when they come back, maybe Austin will be crawling and his teethies will have come in (we spotted the two bottom ones just barely pushing thru the gums today, it'll be anyway - which i'm slightly sad, that means he's not a baby baby anymore). And we are very grateful to the people helping out and watching Austin while my parents are gone!!!