Sunday, July 19, 2009

sick weekend

well, rob was sick during the week and just got me sick, yuck. So far Austin is not sick, hopefully he won't be! Austin and I have just been hanging out this weekend around the house while daddy is working. Of course the day Ellen leaves Rob ends up working til midnight 3 nights in a row, lol!!! We had such a great time with our Aunt Ellen visiting, taking care of Austin. Austin had a blast!!!! They played and played, and she ready to him and played with bubbles -- she's getting prepared to be a grandma soon :) And i loved having someone around to talk to, especially since my momma is out of town! Austin and I went to a Gymboree class for free yesterday and it was really cool. They sang and danced and played and Austin got to play with others kids and play on the equipment. I think we might join the playgroup, it's really neat - he'd get to go two times a week to classes and then to any open gym during the week and play on the equipment - which I think will save mom and dad once he's crawling, to help get his bundle of energy out!! Ellen took him to a different gym place on Friday, but we didn't really like it, it was really different than the one I took him to on Saturday. well, i'm done with another semester of school!!!! Only three more semesters to go!

Gotta go play with the kiddo, just wanted to send a quick update and let you know we FINALLY posted videos on youtube, check them out!!!!! And we uploaded a few more pics of the past week and Austin visiting his great-grandmomma with Ellen!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Austin's 6 month Stats:

Weight: 20.15 lbs (4 months - 18.5 lbs)- 95%
Height: 28 1/4 inches (4 months - 26 in) - 95%
Head: 44 cm (4 months - 43 cm) - 50% (yay, his head is finally proportionate to his body :)

Austin and I had a great weekend! Rob had to work, so it was just the two of us. Ooh, Rob did get off early Friday and we bought a new sofa that was delivered this morning, yay!!! we've been looking for quite some time, but didn't take the plunge until now. It's amazing!!!!!! On Saturday, Austin and I ran errands allll day - we met auntie jenn at ikea for lunch and to look around - too bad everything in the kids section looks like it'll break! Then we went to wal-mart and toysrus and then went and hung out at uncle jerjer's for a little while. Today, we've played and played and I've actually gotten alot done during his nap times (which he's taking right now!).

Hope everyone has a great week :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 6 months old, Austin!

I can't believe Austin turned 6 months old on Monday!! He's officially out of his 6 months clothes and trucked onto 12 month clothes - he doesn't seem to stop growing!! Austin's first little toothies is starting to show thru his gum - grandmom and grandpa go to Australia for a month, and bam, Austin grows teethies!! Mom and Dad are having a blast, just got pictures of them with Liam - he is too cute! JP is now going over there for a few weeks, Bill and them are going to have such a good time -- maybe in a few years for us :) Austin's tooth is really bothering him, he has been quite cranky off and on this past week - poor little guy, we feel so bad for him. Austin's hair is very light blonde, thick, fuzzy, with long pieces of hair sticking up on the top of his head! Rob wants to cut those hairs, but i won't let him!

We had the BEST fourth of July weekend EVER! The Stafford family went on our first little vacation, we went to Chatanooga, TN. I had enough Marriott points that we didn't have to pay for the hotel, and chatanooga is a short 2 hour drive away. On Friday we went to Ruby Falls, did a horse and buggy ride, walked around the city and river. Then on Saturday we went to the Discovery Museum for kids. We thought we might spend 30 minutes or so there and didn't think Austin would really care - but he had the best time! I've never seen him so happy and so into everything. We were there for 2 hours!!! The second we left and put him back in his stroller he knocked out. Then we went back there again for 30 more minutes after lunch to get his face painted and be in a curious george parade. We then went to the chatanooga choochoo, and austin got to look at trains, and ride a trolly. We also got an old time photo done of him, it's sooo cute!I'll have to take a picture of it and post it. Go HERE to look at the pics from our vacation!!! Check out Austin - he's soooo cute and our smart little baby :) (lol, now I see why everyone says that ab their child!).

We had the best time with our little family and really enjoyed watching Austin interact and have such an amazing time. He was def. worn out on sunday tho, he slept almost all day and slept in until 1030 am!!

Well, mom and dad are gone until August 1. My aunt Ellen is here for two weeks to help out while i'm at school. We love having her around and Austin is really enjoying her. Austin had a bad past few days, on top of teething he got backed up and his little tummy was hurting. He finally pooped yesterday and has been back to his old self ever since (I know ya'll all wanted to know this :)). Austin and Ellen visited Grandmomma yesterday and they had a great time! Austin, Rob and Ellen went to the petting zoo today, but Austin was scared of the animals this time lol!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his 6 month check-up. I'll post his stats!!