Saturday, September 26, 2009

Austin's First day of preeschool, how could I forget!!

I almost forgot the most important part! Austin started preeschool a few weeks ago and absolutly LOVES it!! There's two other little boys in his class and they have so much fun. He goes two days a week - it's a great break for mom and rob. and he LOVES being around other babies and other people! The picture above is from his first day with his teacher!!

wow, it's been a long time!

Check out all the new pictures and see how much Austin has grown!!
I didn't realize it's been over two months since I've updated! So sorry! .... first off, since I've last updated, not only is Austin fully in 12 months clothes, he's almost outgrown those and is wearing his 18 months fall clothes. Well, Austin is already 8 1/2 months old. He started crawling right at 8 months. we didn't think he would crawl, because he's been standing up on his own for a little while now and is now walking with the furniture, but had no interest in crawling. Then, all of a sudden, after having carpet burn face for a few days, he started crawling! And not only is he crawling, he's a mess - I turn my back for just a second the other day, and he's halfway up the stairs, trying to get to daddy in the kitchen!

He's also waving hello,byebye... pretty much anytime you walk in or out of a room he waves. And he points at everything, so we're trying to make sure we name everything. lol, and he shakes his head no when he doesn't want something. and makes a screech noise when he wants more food or drink, since he can't talk. ooh, and he LOVES clapping at everything and LOVES dancing to music! he claps when he hears anyone else clap, it makes him so proud.

He's got two bottom teeth that are so cute, he got those right at 6 months, and now right at 8 months his two top teethies are coming in, and they are so cute too (I'm not biased of course :))He still has wildman hair that sticks straight up - i went back and looked at baby pictures and he def. got the hair from me, haha.

He loves playing with his toys and wacthing his videos. his favorite is to pull up and down on anything. he loves going to stores, so we always run errands when he's awake - he still squawks and smiles at all the people for attention. he's pretty ridiculous! Tally is still doing really good with him, sometimes he tries to play too rough, we have to be really careful. Austin is almost drinking everything out of a cup, he's such a big boy!! We had to get him a big boy carseat this week, and he LOVES being turned around, he just smiles, laughs and sings in the car now!!

It's been pretty busy these past few months - Rob's been working like crazy, i've been working and school started back, and we've all been sick. Austin got sick first, then I caught some sort of flu virus and missed almost a week of work, then Austin got croup cough and an ear infection all in one and got put on alot of medicine, it breaks my heart. But, finally this week we are all finally feeling better and back to normal!

We've also done alot lately. For Rob's bday weekend (he turned the big 35!!!), he actually had saturday and sunday off, so on saturday we spent the day together and took austin to a movie at the fox theatre (which he acutally watched almost an hour of, can you believe it!), then ate at joe's crabshack and spent the evening together as a family --- we don't get much time with all three of us together with his work scheudle and my school schedule, so we enjoy every moment we get! Sunday our whole family went to dave and busters to celebrate jer's and robs bdays, and we ended up having a blast!! Labor day weekend rob ending up also having off saturday and sunday, so on saturday we took Austin to the zoo - Austin loved the birds, the silveback monkey and the pandas! Sunday we took Austin to the children's museum here in atlanta -- it was alright, but the one in chattanooga is way better. He may like it more when he gets a little bit bigger. We've now also taken Austin to chuckecheese, which he liked, of course! It's not as fun as it used to be when we were little. Austin also loves going to the park and playing. well, really he likes watching the other kids more than anything!!! Then a few weekends ago Kerrie got married at the beach in Florida so we went down (I was in the wedding) and Austin got to see the beach for the first time! We didnt get to play becuase it rained all wekeend, we just ran out of the car and took pictures real quickly. It was a beautiful wedding but a miserable trip because that was when the croup cough and ear infection was going on and Austin was sick, but such a trooper! And he did so well for such a long trip.

I think I've caught up on the highlights of the past month or so. I'll try and update more. I'll post a link next week when I get video of him crawling up!