Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Austin turned 1!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it's been quite an eventful month. As you have read previously, the holidays started out great! Rob was working like crazy though, so we didn't get to spend alot of time with him. But, he's got the next 3 weeks off, so we are getting in lots of family time and Austin is LOVING playing with daddy :) Austin is getting so fun, going crazy playing with all of his toys, running back and forth from the den to his playroom. He and daddy could play all day long! Then, he'll bring a book to you, open his arms for you to pick him up and read him the book. it's soo cute! I caught him laying on his chair watching his show in his playroom the other day, arm propped up like we lay. Austin is mimicking EVERYTHING... we say, what does grandma say, and he goes "siiigh". It's cute! Austin has figured out lots of sounds, noises and words like that. He's got a ball popping machine that pops balls in the air, and he can say ball pop --- although it sounds like "ba op". haha.

Well, my 26th birthday came and went, Rob was working so we didn't really do anything. My grandmother came to church with us and my mom,dad, Austin and she went and saw a movie! We had big plans for Christmas, but Austin had other plans... we ended up in the emergency room three times over Christmas... first, on Dec. 23 we had to run to the emergency room in the middle of the night because Austin got croup cough and couldn't catch his breath. They gave him a steriod and sent him home. On the 24th (Christmas Eve) around 5pm Austin was burning up and was being very lethargic, and so we rushed him to childrens healtcare emergency place, which is amazing, and he had a 104.8 temperature, they rushed him into the room, took all his clothes off and starting running tests, such as xrays for pnomenia, flu test... and it all came back negative, which was good, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong. This whole time they said there was fluid in his ears but not enough to be an ear infection. They sent us home once they got the fever down with no medicince or anything. We had to go back on that Saturday (26th)to recheck, because his temperature was still constantly 101.5-102.8ish, which he's never had a fever for more than a few hours, so we were nervous. He wasn't eating, only nursing (which is a story for another time, we are trying to wean him and get him on a better sleeping schedule but this screwed all those plans up!) and he'd just sit on my lap halfway fussing/halfway crying. It was the saddest thing i've ever seen. The hardest time for me and rob (and my parents!) to go through with him. Well, on that Saturday, they said he had a double ear infection and gave him medicince. By that monday (28th) he was still fussy like his ears hurt but his fever finally broke, so we took him to his normal doctor that was open back from the holidays. She immediately said that his ears weren't clearing up and had to give him a stronger antibiotic, put him on a steriod because his airway was still slightly closed and he was wheezing and sent us home with a nebulizer to help with his breathing... none of which any other doctor treated! We LOVE dr. zaman!

... and the saga continues, New Years eve comes up and Rob and I are supposed to have our big night out, but Austin has gotten us sick and he's still not feeling great, so all three of us end up at the doctor, rob with an upper respiratory infection, me with a sinus infection and Austin's ears were still not clearing. Good news is we still set off fire works on new years eve, but we were in bed at 9 :( The doctor sent us to an ENT, and Austin went a few days ago and is getting tubes put in his ears this week, so hoepfully his ear infections will clear up, and he will have no more! We will keep you posted on how this goes. I will know tomorrow when they are going to put the tubes in.

We've been celebrating Austin's first birthday for a week!!!!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES FROM CHRISTMAS AND AUSTIN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!! We started it on January 2nd by having his first birthday party, and about 15 or so people we able to come, we had a great time! Austin was feeling better so he had a blast, even though he was a little quiet. It was a curious george themed party, Austin loves him some george!! We kept the decorations up all week and celebrated. On wednesday, January 6, Austin turned one years old at 8:06 pm. I was less emotional during the day and just really excited, but aroudn 8 pm, I got pretty emotional, and started looking back on this time a year ago :) Boy, it goes fast! But it's so fun to watch our baby boy grow up. He's growing and changing everyday, putting a smile on our face everyday with the new things he is doing and learning. We love him so much and love spending time with him! He's such a sweet little boy :) But oh boy, he's quite opinionated, like his mommy :)The day before Austin's birthday we got his first haircut, and he did so good, such a big boy! He looks all grown up! Then, on his birthday, Rob and Austin came to visit me and my work friends at lunch and then we got his one year pictures taken at target that night and went out to eat for his birthday to roadhouse grill. Austin loves people and showing off so he had a great time! They sat him on a saddle and said happy birthday! Then, this weekend we played,played,played with our little boy and we took him to the curious george exhibit at the children's museum here in Atlanta. The exhibit was cool, but the museum not so much.

Such a long post, but so much to write down before I forget. The stafford family has definately been blessed this year, even with all the crazy events to take place, and we have been very blessed to have such an amazing little boy. We are just trying to take life day by day and cherish every moment and memory.

Oooh, on a fun note, Rob and I finally found a couple to hang out with!! We went to dinner and saw Avatar this weekend with Katie and Howard, and we had so much fun!!!!! Yay, sorry rob and howard, I think ya'll better get used to this :)

one more thing i forgot, while all this crazyness was going on during Christmas and new years, ew took the plunge and got the house painted. This guy did an amazing job! We were homeless for a few days and then had to rush to get everything perfect for Austin's party. At least the house is back in order, thanks mom and dad! Check out the pictures!

Well, T-minus ONE week for our CRUISE!!! YAY :)