Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

Austin is now 4 1/2 months, but i haven't posted his 4 month stats...
weight:18.5 lbs (95th percentile)
height: 26 inches (90th percentile)
head: 43 cm (75th percentile)

big boy :) He still hasn't quite rolled over yet, but he sat up on his own this past weekend by himself! The doctor said he's very strong for his age!!! (just big, which is why he's having a hard time rolling over lol).

He started rice cereal two weeks ago, and has done great with it! Opens his mouth and everything. But, he's got quite the mind of his own, he'll push that spoon away when he's done! And, he's def. going to be left-handed, he's holding everything with his left hand, including the spoon. We try to put toys in his right hand and he immediately puts them in his left hand (I'm left-handed). That's kinda cool. We took him swimming when I stayed at the marriott hotel in Charlotte, NC for work, and he loved it! He's started squeeling and squaking really loudly, loving the sound of his voice. and we got a video of him laughing, that's our favorite - he laughs so loud! He smiles at everyone and sqwaks - the ladies at work always say he's flirting with them, showing off his little dimple! He's loving his exersauser and has started actually interacting with his toys in the past week. And, he loves baby videos, esp. the ones with babies and music. he talks to the babies on the screen; then, last night when i was reading a book to him with pictures of babies in it, he took his hand and started rubbing his hand over the pictures of the babies, trying to interact with them. We've taken lots of video lately - swimming, swinging, laughing - i'll try to get them edited and put online this weekend also. I start school back tomorrow, so we're trying to get that all situated with who will watch him while i'm in school (which is from 5-915 twice a week, yuck). rob is working like crazy, so thank goodness for my parents help!!!

I had the most perfect first mother's day!! Austin gave me a beautiful pearl necklace and a cute card :)(yes, daddy did good!)and he was dedicated at church, that was the neatest thing and we are loving the church.

We opened our pool this weekend and had a cookout, we had a pretty good crowd! We didn't let Austin get in. it was still a little cold, but me and rob and chasity and her family got it, yay!!!

Can you tell Austin is our first? Every move he makes excites us :)

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