Monday, April 27, 2009


These past few weeks have gone by so quickly, we been so busy! I have to go back and look at pictures to see what has been going on. Rob's been working a lot and will be working alot the next few weeks, so I've spent alot of time at my mommas! We bought Austin his first little backpack, it's too cute :) gotta love spiderman!! Austin absolutely loves going outside now, whether it's just sitting outside or taking walks. He's also rolling on his side from his back, making it about 3/4 of the way over, but then he just sits there and coos, then turns back over to his back :) We now can put Austin in the front of the shopping cart if we help hold him. He loves looking around as we run errands, it's helped us to be able to go out and get things done! We got to talk to Liam and Beth in Australia on video chat for the first time - that was really really neat!!! My daddy turned 63 years young, yes i know he doesn't look or act that old. We celebrated at my parents house! Austin has been having trouble taking his bottle the past week or so -- ever since Easter he had gotten used to me feeding him bc I slacked on giving him bottles during the day -- so now he protests them and goes on hunger strike. Mom had a good day with him today tho finally, he took all of them with little fuss! I've met Joy and Kerrie and Jessie for supper these past two weeks - it's so great catching up with them! Trying to get everything for school figured out, I've registered for the summer, boo. Time for bed, more in a few weeks - we've got a busy next few weeks.

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