Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy weekend and First Steps!!

Well, we've been having a relaxing weekend around here while daddy is at work. Getting caught up of stuff around the house, playing and napping :)Austin had to go to the doctor yesterday for his 2nd round of a flu shot and checkup on his ear - no more infection! And, he's grown 1 1/2 pounds and 1 inch in just a month... we knew he'd been going through a growth spurt but boy! He's now 25.6 lbs and 29 3/4 inches!

We had a great halloween last weekend, Austin was a skeleton with green hair! Sooo cute, here are some pictures of it! Also, Austin took his first steps on halloween, yay! big boy :) I was laying in the critter cage (as my dad calls his pen!) playing, and Austin pushed off me and took 3 steps toward a ball, then fell. It was so cute! And my dad just happened to be filming the whole thing, we had been playing around with the video camera- how often do you really get your baby's first steps on film?!? and that was good bc Rob was working. Ever since halloween, Austin has been standing up and taking a few steps at a time. At toys r us today he pushed off the bookshelf and took like 6-7 steps, very slowly and very carefully...we are going to have a thinker baby :)

Austin is now saying mama.. he knows i am momma, but he doesn't know that is what he's babbling yet. it's cute though, rob is mad :) we had a bet on if he'd say momma or dada first!! mommy wins :)

And Austin has been having the best time at preeschool. The other day the teacher asked if we read to him, and my mom was like, well of course we do, he loves books. and the teacher said that he loved to go over to the books and pick them up and open them and look thru them like he's reading -- my smart baby :)

This is all, I think I am going to call it an early night -- austin is starting to sleep better (fingers crossed!), hopefully this will continue.

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