Monday, July 28, 2008

16 week Doctor Visit!

I've gotten complaints to update this thing, but I never really have anything to say until the next doctor appointments. We were supposed to have our 16 week appointment last Friday, but the doctor had to postpone it until today. We were hoping to find out what we are having, but no such luck -- they aren't doing the sonogram until 20 weeks. We got to hear the heartbeat again, and it was 160, which is really strong! And they did more blood work today of course. I am starting to feel better, but still not eating to much. And I'm still pretty tired most the time -- poor Rob probably gets so bored having to go to bed so early! We've taken a few more pictures, so we will post them tomorrow. My belly is growing, but I've only gained one pound in four weeks -- a total of 7. lol, it wasn't a big amount, so I'm still sharing ;) On another note, our condo is going on the market this week, and we are closing on our house on August 8, less than two weeks away -- we are so excited!! And then I start back school in 3 weeks - which I'm not looking forward to, I've really enjoyed a break these past few weeks! Well, guess we will update in four weeks with what we are having!!!


Anonymous said...

The wait until 20 weeks is HORRIBLE!!!!! Also, look back in 6 months and you'll realize that you're tiny right now :)

Angela said...

Congratulations guys!! We know three fold the joys of kids. Wish you would let us know when you come to TX so we could catch up sometime. Miss you Robby.