Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quite a Whirlwind!

Wow - I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted!! Well, Austin's 1 year checkup went great, he is 31 in (80th percentile) and 25.9 lbs (75th percentile), he's slowed down in his growing! He is still in 18 month clothes, but also fits in 24 month clothes. He has already changed so much in these past 2 months. Well, we've been on a cruise, which was amazing! Austin LOVED it and so did we :) It was so nice and relaxing and we had a great time with my parents - they had an adjoining room so it worked out perfectly. We got to see Grandmother for one night in Florida! And then we got into the grind of work and school. Rob has a break for a week from work and I'm caught up with work and school, so we can almost breathe! Austin is learning everyday so many new things. He can say the da sound now, Rob is happy! He is a climber, just like I was! And he loves to blow kisses bye bye, give high fives, dance dance to music, he cracks himself up and laughs, it's great! He loves playing with his lawnmower and toy car! He loves climbing up and down the stairs, he goes a mile a minute! And he LOVES being outside and he especially loves his stuffed animals. he alsways kisses them night night :) He sings all the time and babbles to you like it makes perfect sense. haha. ANd he knows a lot of short commands, like leave it, sit down, bring me this, let's take a bath, etc. smart little boy :) And he tries to sing the ABC song with grandma! ooh, and his favorite books are Brown Bear and Hand hand, fingers thumb and goodnight moon. He can throw wreally good for a baby and his uncle jer has just taught him how to swing a bat... only with one hand, but we will work on it :) We also made the crib into a toddler bed and he loves it, he feels like such a big boy in it,and actually doesn't cry. And he's learned how to get down properly!

ooh, back to the cruise. It was so great. We met a great couple there who have a little boy, nicholas, and he and austin played (austin was a little scared of him though!). The had time everyday for the babies to play, and we took him to the baby pool 2 times a day and we walked a TON aroudn the ship, and grandma and grandpa would take austin so rob and i could lay out and relax :) we went to st. thomas, st.martin and cococay! We went snorkling in st.thomas, took a boat over to st.john - the most amazing experience ever. it was so beautiful! And all of us did an undersea boat in st.martin - it was pretty cool too! Austin was well known aroudn the ship with the staff and vacationeers - everyone knew his name, everyone watned to dance with him and hold him. he was famous :)i guess just because he is so outgoing :)

We bought bikes a few weeks ago, Rob and I are going to take it up to get some exercise. We got the baby seat to put on rob's bike, i bet austin will LOVE it!! and we went to monkey joe's this past weekend which was fun, but we may wait to go again until he is a little older. He is now learning how to jump... he can't really jump yet, he just bounces his knees and gets excited ;) And Rob and I went on a date this past weekend to bahama breeze - the first one in a while! It was fun!!!

This is all for now, like I always say, I'll try and post more often!!

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