Monday, November 24, 2008

Showers Weekend!

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted, so I've got a little bit to update... We had our 32 week appointment almost 2 weeks ago and I met another doctor in the practice who might be there for my delivery. It was a quick visit - I've gained 25 pounds, which I feel like is a ton, but the doctor said that is good. I get sharp pains randomly and i was squishing the baby or something, but the doctor felt around and said he's already getting in position, his head is way far down, which is why i can't bend!! And his booty is on the right side of me and he never moves from that spot -argg!!!

It's been really busy here, Rob's still been working a ton and I've been really busy with school. Only one more week of classes for me and then I get a long break. We've been running around like crazy (thanks mom and dad!!) to finish the baby's room and get the house ready for people to come for Thanksgiving. I'll take pictures of the baby's room this week and post them soon. The room is completely ready except for a dresser that rob is sanding and staining. And we have all the big projects done at the house- so now we can finally rest!!! I'll explain more ab the baby's room when i post pictures.

I had two showers thrown for me this past week, one at work and one at home. Thanks soo much to especially Laura and Irene for the shower at work and Jenn and Joy for the shower at my house. We had sooo many people come and support us and received many wonderful gifts - such a blessing, we were getting a little worried bc we had practically nothing until this weekend. Now we are almost ready to go! And stir-crazy me, I've already put together the stroller, swing, pack 'n play and baby exersaucer. and mom and i already organized everything to see what else we need to get and I've gone to babiesrus and gotten everything for the cars and the swing. yay!! We have the most amazing family and friends that were so giving and supportive. I've posted pictures of the shower on our picture site, so feel free to go look at them.

We are having 16 people over for Thanksgiving -- my mom's side of the family is coming, my brother and his wife and rob's dad -- we are sooo excited rob's dad and dog, sam, are coming to visit!!! so we'll have 5 people actually sleeping over at our house - we are excited that we can now fit everyone.

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