Monday, February 2, 2009

Visiting the Great-Grandmas :)

Austin will be 4 weeks tomorrow! We've had a big week, he got to meet both of my grandmothers, his great grandmothers!! quite exciting :) My grandmother in florida (dad's mom) came up for a funeral, so we ate supper with her this weekend. Then, today we drove to Elberton to see my grandmomma (mom's mom).
We're starting to try and get him on some sort of routine, and it's going pretty well. I starting pumping last week and Austin is getting one bottle a day in the afternoon, and he's done quite well so far, I'm really proud of him. He better get used to it since I'm going back to work soon. We've started giving him a bath when he is awake in the evening and then play with him and read to him, and he's been going to bed and the first few nights he woke up and stayed up for a few hours from around 930-1130 pm, but these past few nights he wake up to feed around 11ish give or take and falls back asleep -yay!! we'll see how long that lasts :) We are going to visit Rob's family in Texas this weekend, his aunt Janis got us a flight. We are really excited for everyone to meet him. I'm sure we will come home with MANY pictures and stories. Rob started work this past week, so we are getting used to that again- just random hours on random days, which is good. We went to my parent's for superbowl sunday (well, Rob had to go to work!) and he wore his cowboys outfit.We've had to wash quite a few clothes this past week, Austin has decided it's funny to pee or poop as soon as we are in the middle of changing his diaper! Ooh, exciting news -- Austin has now spent 4 nights in his big boy bed (his crib in HIS room!!) and only woken up every 3-4 hours, amazing!!! He sleeps much better in it, and we sleep much better. One night last week we got no sleep because Austin thought it was fun to make noises all night in his sleep, so we kept jumping up thinking he was ready to get up, but he was dead asleep the whole time. I got my haircut this week, got it all choped off!! It's been 9 months since I've cut it, I feel so much better again. Rob starting calling me a hippie :)

We've got exciting news... we've figured out how to work the movie part on our camera and have taken a few videos of Austin in the past few days and posted them to youtube. Click here to look at the videos...

As always, we've posted more pictures, so click here to take a look :)

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