Thursday, March 12, 2009

First day of work, etc...

Austin visiting Mommy, Auntie Laura and Hope on mommy's first day back at work!Austin LOVES bathtime :)
The new shades we bought Austin, so hopefully he can see outside now!
Austin visits Uncle Jeremy and his dogs :)

Lots to update. Firstly, check out the pictures, we've taken quite a few cute pictures, so go check them out :) I had my first day of work last Monday, and i did pretty good! well, mom did bring Austin up for lunch to see me, so that helped alot. It's worked out really good so far with mom and Rob watching Austin, the time is split in half almost, it's work well with mom's schedule and rob's work schedule. And they've brought him up for lunch every other day or so :) Everyone at work thinks he looks just like Rob ;) oh, and the day before i had to go back to work it snowed 5 inches!! I can't belive it - so Austin has already seen his first snow. This past weekend Rob and I did our spring cleaning - we got the backyard cleaned up and the pool uncovered and cleaned and the whole inside cleaned inside and out, even gone thru clothes and closests, etc. And then we went took Tally and Austin to stone mountain and got a seasons pass. I showed rob the duck pond and carrollin that grandmomma used to always take us to. We had such a great time just getting out as a family.
Going to Stone Mountain

Austin had his 2 month appointment last week and he is one healthy boy :) He's in the 90% for both height and weight. He's now 14.5 lbs and 23 1/2 inches long and his head is 41 1/2 cm. He had his first roudn of shots, poor guy, he was quite the trooper, but when we got home he ran a fever for the weekend and was quite fussy and just watned to be held. We let him sleep with us for a few days :) he doesn't have to go back again until he's 4 months old.

This week we've gotten into a better routine.. i come home from work and ususally feed Austin, then we all (rob too if he's not working!) go outside and play in the backyard (austin swings on his little swing!) and then we take a walk together, then by that time it's around 630 pm and Austin and I spend time together and play in his room with his toys. Then i let him have crib time while i get his bath ready and get his clothes and bottles ready for the next day (rob is making supper at this time :)), then around 7 Austin gets his bath and then we read a book, eat and he goes to sleep. This seemed to work great this past week!! And i loved getting outside when it's nice and i get to spend some quality time with all my boys :)

Austin is such a ham, he's now starting to look at books, and laugh at you and coo and make crazy cute noises! He's such a happy baby. he could look at his mobile in his crib all day long, so cute :) and he just found his hands this past week, and loves putting them in his mouth and loves pushing you away from him, lol! ooh, and he's slept 8 hours in a row the past 2 nights, yay!!!

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