Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our smart baby :)

Look how good Austin is holding his head up! Click on the picture for more ;)
Austin is 11 weeks old today, goodness!! This past work week he slept 8 hours each night, yay :) We had a great weekend this past weekend --- we had friends over on Saturday night and Rob made taquitos; Sunday we went to church and sunday school and then went to stone mountain for a picnic with my parents. It was such a pretty day. They LOVE Austin in the nursery - they fight over who gets to hold him, it's really cute! The past few days Austin has figured out how to pick toys up and put them in his mouth and he's LOVING his playmat and bouncer -- he hits and kicks at the toys and smiles, it's so much fun to watch him!!! I think that's all for this week :)

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The Staffords said...

PS- Austin big person laughed for the first time this past week, it was sooo cute!!! Robby was playing with his cheecks and he started laughing :)