Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ultrasound, etc.

Here's an ultrasound picture of Austin at our 20 week appointment and me at 20 weeks!!

I've just really started feeling him this past week (21-22weeks), he moves alot!! It's the weirdest feeling tho, like someones punching me. kinda cute tho. He moved even more when Rob put his hand on my belly, but he couldn't feel it yet.
My mom and I went to babiesrus tonight to see what they have --- and boy it's alot! Rob and I are registering this weekend, so I wanted to get a head start. I did get a body pillow tonight, which is amazing.

Beth --- this post is for you :) And thanks for posting pics -- Liam is soooo cute!!! Here's a picture of Liam, my nephew who lives in Australia. He's 16ish months and the cutest ever :) (well, it looks like they actually got posted up top, I duno how to fix that sorry)
We are going out to eat for Robby's birthday tomorrow and are getting dressed up, so I'll try and post pictures afterwards.


Sarah said...

Liam is sooo cute and looks just like Bill! That's crazy!

Beth said...

Thanks for posting Laura! Great to see the ultrasound pic of baby and yourself. Liam is actually 19 months old now! He is growing so fast!