Sunday, January 4, 2009

39 weeks

Here is a photo from 39 weeks -- I wasn't going to take any more pictures, but Rob was looking at me from the side yesterday and insisted on taking another one, he's thought it was cool how big and different I look. At least he made up by saying i only look bigger in my belly :) Also, at the doctors appointment I had lost one pound, which was weird since we just had eaten a big lunch, so i've gained 38 total -- prolly more than some people might like, but I'm totally okay with it :) I was nervous it was going to be more!!! On friday night my whole family went to Scalini's... it's a restaurant that is famous for pregnant people going into labor within 48 hours after eating their eggplant parmagian --well, i didn't go into labor yet, but we had a really fun time!! and, they will still put the baby's picture on the wall when we take austin there :) Well, tomorrow is the big day to see if little Austin is ready to arrive ---

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