Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doc. appt, poop and more...

My favorite detail I forgot to mention about when we were at the hospital was that for weeks rob had been saying that he got me a present for when the baby was born. So, after Austin arrived he gave it to me... it was a necklace and earrings with his birthstone... the sweetest thing he's ever given me... and he picked it out on his own, totally his idea :) I wore them in pictures we got done the other day!

I had another doctor's appointment today to check on the bleeding, and good news... i am healing very nicely and they don't have to do anything else to me. I just have to go to my post appt. in a few weeks.

So, we apparently have a child that likes to poop as soon as you are changing him... three times in the past three days... first, he pooped on my mom as we were changing him to give him a bath, it was quite funny ;) then, rob and i had to change his diaper 4 times in 5 minutes because he kept pooping right when we would change him, then he peed on us before we got the last diaper on. Then, yesterday, pretty much the same thing happened again, but to my mom. No wonder they say be prepared to go thru a million diapers a day!!!

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