Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year :)

We had a very relaxing Christmas. Well, I'll start out first by telling you about my 25th birthday... my sweet husband surprised me with a wii game that has fun games like at dave and busters- basketball, darts,trivia,and others-- he wasn't supposed to get me anything else, since I was getting a massage at massage envy -- which was amazing!!!! Rob had to work on my birthday, so I went with my parents to the hernandez's house for homemade mexican food from Joe's mom -- yummm, it was soooo good. Thanks guys :) Then when Rob finally got a day off my whole family went to magiano's - it was nice.

Christmas was very relaxing, we did our traditional Christmas eve movie and waffle house with my family, and then went to JP and jenn's to open gifts. Then, Christmas morning we woke up and did gifts with us and tally (yes, tally does know it's christmas and he was a good boy so santa claus came :)), and then we went to Dan's for the afternoon.

Rob and I are both finally off work, I don't think we've ever really been off at the same time and not had to travel somewhere. We've run lots and lots of errands and are now finally resting until Austin arrives. Rob's helped out tremendously and we have everything ready for Austin's arrival, and almost have all of our randrom things to do finished. And we've even had time to play some wii :)

So i bet you are wondering, speaking of Austin, I will be 39 weeks tomorrow. On Christmas eve i had my 38 week appointment and i was more than 1 centimeter dialated, but not 2. My doctor said if everything looked good at my next appointment that I could be scheduled to be induced. So, i had another appointment a few days ago and I haven't progressed much in dialation, but have started having contractions that are quite annoying and sometimes last quite awhile. But I know i'm not in official labor or whatever because my doctor said to call when they take my breath away and are every 5 minutes for an hour straight --- and while they are lasting that long right now, they are taking my breath away where i can't talk during them. so, i have a feeling this might last a few more days. So, we go back to the doctor on Monday (jan 5) and they are going to check me, and depending on how I look, I will either stay there and be induced tuesday morning, or come back tuesday morning to be induced. I feel alot better knowing an ending date, especially since he is still measuring big!!! But there is a chance I can still go into labor before then, noone can know, this i have learned :)

My parents finished refinishing the dresser for Austin - it was my dad's when he was little - how neat is that! It looks brand new...

Looks like I don't have to go back to work now either, which is great! If you click on the pictures on this post, it will take you to our site --- these pictures were taken at almost 38 weeks by Tim Wilkerson ( - we've become friends with him, he did our wedding photos, and wedding photos for jer and jenn. I was very weary of getting these pics taken, but i'm so glad we did, they turned out sooo good!!!

Well, Merry Chrismtas and Happy New Years!! Be praying for our family as Austin Arrives!

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